Discover the shared history of the Euregio thanks to these storylines !

One of the main objectives of Terra Mosana is to show citizens and tourists of the Euregio that the region really shares a lot of common history, for example regarding the language, the migration history or the mining exploitation. 

In the process of digitizing cultural heritage and writing storylines for Terra Mosana an elaborate method is being used: not just write new versions of old information, but really compose new narratives. To do that, thirteen themes were defined and storylines were suggested. 

You can discover it here :

Methodological note

To avoid a focused specialists interest, the public is asked what it is interested in, what subjects could be attractive and which forms of presentations are wished. An internet questionnaire was distributed during the end of 2019 and in the spring of 2020 workshops will be organized within five cities of the Euregio. To execute these workshops, the outlines of the thirteen themes were presented in the form of poster presentations. The written parts of these presentations also are part of the introduction of the synopses, of which every storyline will consist. These poster presentations are now available to everyone, as a first inventory result.

Disclaimer: the themes are definite, the storyline are not. During the above process the definite storylines will be defined and then elaborated (second half of 2020 and 2021). These posters consist of texts written by “work package 2” members. These posters are primarily for internal use and are provided with their own images of the Terra Mosana partners and with some internet illustrations (freely accessible). These internet illustrations have an informative use only and will not be used for publications-goals. To engage copyright-obligations, Terra Mosana can provide a list of their own illustrations.