Terra Mosana
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Terra Mosana

The project is a collaboration between municipalities, heritage sites, museums and universities in order to reinforce Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR) tourism attractiveness and shared identity feeling through the digital exploitation of its cultural heritage. This exploitation will be carried out through digital narratives of the shared history of several cities from the EMR. They will be based on the development and the exploitation of 3D models of our past and present as well as coming evolutions of our archaeological and urban heritage through virtual reality and augmented reality realizations.

Terra Mosana, a project on developing new narratives for the cultural heritage of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine

In practice, the citizens and the tourists will be presented with, on the one hand, experiences staging the whole euregional territory in 3D and, on the other hand, targeted narratives, which will be set up on site through virtual and augmented reality technologies.

In each partner city, experiences in augmented and virtual reality (for example: using interactive machines such as smartphones, touch screens, tablets, virtual reality headsets,...) will be proposed to the public allowing to discover anew our heritage and our shared history within the heritage sites.

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