interactive experience description

From the end of 2021, we will show in augmented and virtual reality the reconstruction of a selection of Roman and medieval buildings excavated beneath and around the church of Our Lady. We focus on the interior and exterior of the fourth century Roman basilica, the sixth century Merovingian church and the Carolingian and Ottonian churches. With the 3D-reconstructions, flythrough imagery and 360° views we want to recreate a feeling of the Roman and medieval heart of the city. This story blends perfectly with the narratives presented in the Teseum and Gallo-Roman Museum.



o ensure that the reconstructions are as historically accurate as possible, we focus to a large extent on the interpretation of historical and archaeological data.

This scientific research, its transcription to the public and an inspiring experience on the ground are the key words of this project.

In concrete terms, you will be able to discover the city in Roman times at the Tourist Office thanks to a touch screen and virtual glasses. 

In the Church of Our Lady and the Teseum, discover the evolution of the city (in different places and different times) thanks to 3D reconstructions.

The Tongeren exhibition starts in August 2021. The interactive experience starts in November 2021.



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