Leopoldsburg Barracks

A little background...

In 1815, during the Congress of Vienna, the Belgian and Dutch provinces were reunited. At that time, King Guillaume I was the Dutch monarch. However, there were differences between the policy that was put in place and the former Belgian population. The latter protested, for example, against interference in religious affairs and the lack of freedoms.

On 23 September 1830, a revolution began in Brussels and Belgium finally became an independent state on 4 October 1830. On 18 November of the same year, a national decree was signed guaranteeing the country's independence. Finally, in 1831, Leopold of Saxe-Cobourg became the first King of the Belgians.

The birth of Leopoldsburg

Nevertheless, this situation did not please Guillame I. The independence of Belgium had the direct result of being in conflict with the Netherlands from 1830 to 1839. In order to defend itself against the various threats to the country, Belgium voted for a better organisation of its military forces. The creation of a new camp was therefore a necessity.

In 1834, King Leopold finally chose the plain of Beverlo, located in Leopoldsburg in the province of Limburg, to set up this new military camp. The area had a large surface area and several dunes that would prove ideal for outdoor training. In 1835, construction began on the site, which would consist of: an infantry, cavalry and artillery camp, an engineering park and a hospital. Completed in July of the same year, the camp welcomed 20,000 soldiers in August 1835.

plaatscommando leopoldsburg

The Camp of Bervelo

Even today, Camp Beverlo is the largest Defence exercise ground. It covers an area of 55 km² and houses various shooting ranges, exercise fields and training facilities.  At the same time, however, the site is also known for its very diverse fauna and flora. Moreover, the Camp de Berverlo is a natural domain protected by NATURA 2000. This gives it the status of one of the best preserved natural sites in Flanders.

The motto of Camp de Beverlo is Proud to serve.