Terra Mosana seeks Euregional language-speakers, old and new.

Euregional heritage project Terra Mosana is looking for people who live and work in the Euregio Meuse Rhine and who want to be heard. These people are invited to record in their own language or dialect, preferebly in their own  mothertongue, six sentences on the Euregional shared history. 

The Euregio Meuse Rhine has a shared and common history, which is not depended of current borders. Within this Euregio different languages are being spoken, some old, some new. The dialects often go across borders, the languages don’t. To show this diversity of languages and dialects, Terra Mosana would like to hear many people record these six easy sentences on the Euregional history. With these recordings, a sound-scape will be made: an artwork in which a combination of all these languages, old and new, will be audible. This soundscape will appear on the Terra Mosana website, in Terra Mosana films and other Terra Mosana-products.

Do you want to join in? Please check the press-release and participate!

The sonic artwork is now finalised!

Discover it 

More information on : www.neerlandistiek.nl