What about Nanesse, the wife of Tchantchès ?

Of course, there were a lot of interpretations of the life of Tchantchès! Perhaps it was to give her a companion that the character Nanesse was also created for.

The origin of Nanesse probably dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, although it cannot be completely stated.


Legend has it that Nanesse was a professional « botteresse » - she carried vegetables and fruit in her basket on her back. A woman of character, she was not for marriage and did not like having Tchantchès in her legs. So, she did not hesitate to put Tchantchès back in place, especially when he abused the peket too much. Moreover, Nanesse is denoted by her colloquial language, sometimes even coarse. Nevertheless, she did not remain a faithful companion, besides always ready to cook delicious dishes. All of Liège's specialities were cooked in her ovens: boûquète (these delicious pancakes made from buckwheat flour), Salade liégeoise  (potatoes, green beans, bacon, onions and vinegar), fricassee de pommes (apple fricassee), boulets au sirop de Liège (meatballs in Liège syrup)...

© Brasserie La Botteresse


On the other side of the stove, Nanesse also enjoys gossiping in the streets of Outremeuses. She and her friends like to be kept up to date with all the latest news.

Finally, in the same way that we are paying tribute to them today, Nanesse liked to prepare for the next celebration of the XV of August (“Quinze Août” in French) a celebration during which the people of Liège know how to be particularly festive in Outremeuse.