In the footsteps of Tchantchès and Nanesse

It was on 15 August 1995 that the giants Tchantchès and Nanesse were invited for the first time to Liège folklore during the 15th of August (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) at Outremeuse. Since 2006, the six characters have been created by the Association de la République libre d’Outremeuse (Association of the Free Republic of Outremeuse).

The Tchantchès Museum

Moreover, in Liège, it is possible to track the two characters. Indeed, Tchantchès and Nanesse don’t fail to invite themselves to the every corner of the city.

Of course, you will find many expressions of affection in their heart district, where the characters were born: in Outremeuse.

Don't miss first of all the visit of the Musée Tchantchès, in rue Surlet. In this incredible museum, you will discover not only the different legends concerning our two local celebrities, but also the history of the Outremeuse district. In the same place, you will also have the chance to attend different puppet shows thanks to the Théâtre Tchantchès directly available on site.


Street art

Tchantchès and Nanesse are also  embedded in urban art or street art ! 

Rue Jean d'Outremeuse, it is also possible to admire a magnificent fresco, with a surface area of 180m2, featuring Tchantchès and Nanesse .

This painting is the collective work of the Liege artists Jérémy Goffart, Olivier Sujkowski and Michaël Nicolaï, framed by the non-profit organisation Spray Can Arts. It takes place on the rear gable wall of number 14 (Rue Jean d'Outremeuse) and overlooks the car park of the local swimming pool. It is part of an operation conducted since 2002, the Paliss'art.

© Jean-Pierre ERS - Ville de Liège

The Tchantchès and Nanesse Tavern

Still in Outremeuse, Rue Grande-Bêche n°35, the Taverne Tchantchès et Nanesse offers "regional gastronomic cuisine in an authentic XVI century setting". To increase the pleasure, each dish can also be accompanied by one of their homemade beers specially brewed for the Taverne Tchantchès et Nanesse.

The Tchantchès monument 

Although it is somewhat eccentric, the Monument Tchantchès, which Jean Bosly refers to in his legend, is also admirable. This monument was created, following a competition, in 1936, rue du Pont Saint-Nicolas (Province of Liège), as part of the Fêtes de Wallonie. The work is composed of a bronze statue of a charming “hercheuse” (during the coal mining era, a worker in charge of pushing the wagons in the mines) who holds the puppet of Tchantchès in her right hand, like a torch of freedom. The young woman, smiling, with her left hand at her waist, is wearing a scarf, clogs and a dress.

© Ville de Liège

The legend of Tchantchès and the history of Liège puppets

Finally, for those who wish, it is also possible to invite our favourite characters directly to your home. Indeed, Noir Dessin Production, in collaboration with François Walthéry, offers you the chance to (re)discover the original story of Jean Bosly in a 160-page book with period documents. For the happy readers, this book is available in French, Walloon (French-speaking dialect of Belgium) and English. In the Noir Dessin Production collection, there are also comics about these two characters. 


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BOSLY Jean. Légende de Tchantchès